Aishwarya Pandey, Ph.D.

We are pleased to announce that Aishwarya Pandey, our esteemed Advisor to the INRS Scientific Days Committee, has successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis.

Aishwarya’s dedication to both her academic pursuits and her role as an advisor has been exemplary. Her recent achievement in defending her Ph.D. thesis is a testament to her hard work, perseverance, and intellectual prowess.

As an active member of our scientific community, Aishwarya’s contributions and insights have been invaluable. Her commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering collaboration within our committee has greatly enriched our academic environment. Her accomplishment reflects not only her personal dedication but also the supportive and intellectually stimulating environment cultivated within our institution.

We look forward to Aishwarya’s continued contributions to the scientific community and her leadership within the INRS Scientific Days Committee.

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