Dr. Sasha Mullally, University of New Brunswick

Dr. Sasha Mullally is a Professor of History and Dean of Graduate Studies (Acting 2023-24) at the University of New Brunswick, where she researches, teaches, and supervises graduate students in Canadian and American health history, Atlantic region history, and the Geo-Humanities. She has published widely in the field of health humanities and social science history. Since 2021, she has begun a collaboration with colleagues in Geomatics Engineering to support a new project built around the analysis of urban aerial photographs, entitled Looking Back to Look Forward, a project which received a New Frontiers in Research Fund – Exploration grant in 2023. Don’t miss her enlightening keynote address during our 4th edition of INRS Scientific Days on April 19, 2024!

No real progress comes without first facing down a challenge.  Inter-disciplinary exchanges can certainly create challenges, as researchers learn to communicate and work with each other across norms established by traditional academic boundaries.  But these challenging moments create profound moments of learning and breakthroughs in research.  To solve problems, sometimes you have to “reprogram to expand.” 

Dr. Sasha Mullally

During her lecture, Dr. Mullally will examine the prospects for humanities-engineering interdisciplinary work, drawing from recent research from across Canada and the United States, as well as her own interdisciplinary research which bridges social history and geomatics.

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