April 19 th , 2024

Scientific days in person

Language: French/English

Objective of the project

As the main objective of the conference is the popularization of science and the diversity of INRS’s research fields is vast, we have made a more general choice of themes and sub-themes. The main theme of the conference will therefore be the following: Recent Trends in Multi-disciplinary Research . Note that the latter also makes it possible to take into account the difficult ordeals that have been experienced by the students since the last year. This conference will offer a great opportunity for academics to show their perseverance despite the more difficult conditions.

The different presentations will be divided according to the following three sub-themes:

  • Environmental health & sustainability
  • Biodiversity & climate solutions
  • Resilience & livability in cities

Selection of participants

Participants wishing to present should send us a summary of their presentation as well as their choice of the type of presentation among those proposed, namely:

  • Oral presentations of 15 minutes (12 min of presentation + 3 min of questions and answers)
  • Presentations by scientific poster 

The different presentations will be divided into 3 themes as mentioned previously. There will therefore be a space devoted to each theme for the 3 types of presentations. A grid will be sent to INRS students to define the rules to be followed and the selection criteria.

Prize distribution

There are a total of five awards for the event. The criteria for each award are listed below:

  • 1️⃣ JSCIENCES INRS Awards ($1200): $200 for the best presentation, $100 for the second prize in each category, $200 for the best poster and $100 for the second prize
    2️⃣ INRS Scientific Department SDG Awards ($600): 4 prizes of $150 each for presentations and posters showcasing the link to UN Sustainable Development Goals.
    3️⃣ FONCER-TEDGIEER Award ($200): Recognizing collaborative projects between INRS and external entities in environmental technologies.
    4️⃣ CGQ Awards ($300): 1st prize of $200 and 2nd prize of $100 for collaborative projects emphasizing partnership scope and research quality.
    5️⃣ INRS Scientific Department – UMR Travel Scholarships: Travel grants for 5 students from Mixed Research Units, covering travel expenses between UMR and the event.