With the support of the INRS Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Service, the centers and CentrEau, we are pleased to officially announce INRS Scientific Lunches for fall 2020 as a prelude to INRS Scientific Days which will be held in 2021.

What are INRS Scientific Lunches?

This is an opportunity for the students of the 4 centers to share their research work in a simplified manner with the entire INRS community. At each lunchtime conference, 3 students will present their work in 10 min. (+ 5 min. of questions) each. The presentations will be regrouped by general themes (for example: The science of the infinitely small, The stakes surrounding drinking water, etc.) rather than by center. At the end of each conference, we will do a small quiz to test the public on the elements presented and participation prizes will be offered!! The presentations will be in French or English, at the choice of each presenter.