1- Where will the conference take place?
The conference will be in-person at INRS-ETE, 490 Couronne St, Québec City, QC G1K 9A9.
2- Who can submit an abstract?
Everyone who are willing to showcase their projects and are a part of INRS can submit their abstract on the website.
3- Which oral presentation sub-theme should I submit my abstract into?
Choice of subtheme is just indicative. Students from any INRS centers (ETE, AFSB, UCS or EMT) can submit the abstract in any subtheme.


4- Can co-authors from outside of INRS be added for the presentation?
Yes, there can be co-authors for the presentation, but the presenter should be a part of the INRS community.
5- Are projects with confidentiality allowed?
Yes, the projects are allowed. It is your complete responsibility to check with your respective supervisors before sending the abstract and presenting in the conference.
6- What are the selection criteria of the abstract?
The selection criteria are published on the abstract submission page of our website and will mainly focus on popularization of the project (i.e. all participants should be able to understand your project even if they are from other scientific fields or centers).
7- Who can register for the conference?
Everyone from the scientific world looking for a multi-disciplinary research conference can be a witness of this conference with us.
8- What are the fees of the conference?
The conference is exclusively free for everyone.
9- Will there be prizes?
Yes, there are two different prizes for each sub-theme in the oral presentation category and two prizes in the poster presentation category, totalling eight prizes.